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Sketches and thought processes for my in progress Sci-Fi graphic novel, Intrepid. Also, some random goofiness.


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Isn’t it a little…unfair to make the race that’s the direct descendant of our own forever closed? : /

I prefer human or human-like characters, and making an ultimarian would be awesome, but…well, I’m fucked. Yay. I can understand the Spaceborn being so, considering how significant they are as a species. I just don’t see why ultimarians need to be so restricted…


As I’ve stated several times before, the Azure Wheel universe and everything in it is a direct representation of everything about myself.  I cannot begin to describe how much of a “personal story” my fictional galaxy really is.   I’m also pretty picky about things in the galaxy being represented accurately and remaining ‘canon’ for similar reasons.

Ultimarians are not only the most significant species in the galaxy and have shaped it more than any other species, but they are also the greatest representation of myself as a person.  They have been custom tailored to fully represent myself (and my morals and humanity in particular), so any misrepresentation of the species can sometimes make me feel a little… uncomfortable.  Which is why I only allow creation of this species to people that know me very well as both a person and a creator, or can prove that they fully know and understand what I and the species is all about.

I let others create characters from other species that aren’t as important to the story because I consider myself to be a nice person and don’t want to seem ‘mean’ by keeping all of my species closed.  However, the species that I share the closest connections with I keep closed because they’re a little personal. 

They /may/ become an open species in the future, but for now they’re staying a closed species.

Sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause you,

"i don’t do that, neither i like avatar, let’s be friends"

—Yessss…. we can hate Avatar together.  >_<

"Aww it is a cutie, is it a male or female?"

—It’s a female.  :)

"No kidding about her acting like a female dog…Ergh. If he’s the ‘leader’, why can’t he reprimand her? - Commander Hurtz of DeviantArt"

A comment to my last page of comic.  Cross posting this answer here because it’s actually delving into world Canon that I had to cut out of the actual story and can be seen as important details.

Lets see if I can actually explain this in a way that both makes sense and gets out all my thoughts on the matter.

Adaesha is a witch (with a ‘b’) when it comes to Rahst and anything that has to do with Rahst for good reason. She had been a very loyal member of the Tao Guard for the last 6 years. Because of her marksman skills, leadership skills and friendship with the Guard’s former leader, she was pretty much guaranteed the leader position after he either died or retired.

After their leader goes MIA, Drast puts Rahst in charge, which is a huge insult to her because not only is Rahst a horrendous leader, but he’s also a whiny little brat that earned his rank with no leadership experience and doesn’t know where his place should be. Because of Rahst’s position as Drast’s little patsy, Adaesha has no chance of the leader’s position as long as he is around… and she knows it.

While Rahst is called ‘leader’ and is the poster boy for the team, he really sucks at the position. Adaesha, while still only his first officer, acts more like a proper leader then he does and actually handles most of the orders. Rahst lets her do it because… well… for lack of better words, he’s actually intimidated and terrified of her but is too proud to admit it.

As for her hostility towards Juneri… nobody on the team really wants him there because his abilities turned out to be a big disappointment. He’s a reth’kaa, a member of his species that can tap into his own soul to gain certain supernatural powers. When Rahst heard that he was a Reth’kaa, he hired him to the team without question thinking that he’d be the Tao Guard’s rival for Liah. Well, it turns out that Juneri’s abilities are nothing more then weak empath abilities that are barely worth mentioning (Rahst refers to them as ‘worthless’ abilities). However, Rahst keeps him on the team because he is one of the best marksmen on the team. Juneri stays on the team and puts up with their verbal abuse because the pay is so good, but he describes himself as being ‘the Tao Guard’s little fat kid that always gets picked last’.

Wow, I rambled on more then I expected. I hope this all made sense.

"Are you really thinking now that closing the species would stop these poor fools?"

Oh, I know it won’t.

One douchebag in particular seems to be very persistent about using them in ways I don’t agree with.  Even though I have let him know multiple times that this is not okay, and he has been banned from several sites yet he still continues to do so.

I consider closing the species to be more of a statement/example that this sort of behavior is not okay, and I will take action if things are repeatedly abused.

I don’t know… I haven’t decided anything for sure yet.

THIS!  So much this! 
Not just comics, but drawing in general.  To this day people (namely my mom) STILL don&#8217;t understand how tired I get when I work.
So much love and energy go into each drawing that I make!

THIS!  So much this! 

Not just comics, but drawing in general.  To this day people (namely my mom) STILL don’t understand how tired I get when I work.

So much love and energy go into each drawing that I make!

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(Reblogged from Formspring) What is a Reth’kaa? Is it like a Jedi?

Ehhhh…. kind of, sort of, not really… A “Reth’kaa” is the Ultimarian word for those who are sensitive to the Lifestream. For most that can be called “Reth’kaa”, all it means is that they have a heightened sense of empathy for all life around them (Can sense other’s thoughts and emotions and what not). Juneri falls under this category. Rahst often calls Juneri’s abilities “Worthless”.

Stronger Reth’kaa, like Liah are very rare and can show other abilities. In her case, an ability to communicate with animals but other abilities can include psychic abilities, telekinesis, the ability to control the energy flowing through their own body. These abilities ALWAYS have something to do with the ebb and flow of life around them.

Most who show these abilities are pretty weak with them and typically have only one ability, however, the Imperial family is in a class all their own. The imperial family are the direct descendants of Rori Zemothe, the first recorded Ultimarian Reth’kaa and show signs of all Reth’kaa abilities and tend to be ridiculously strong. The only two members of the Imperial Family alive today is Emperor Himnare and his younger brother, Tetra.

So… long story short, being a Reth’kaa is more a connection and deep understanding to life in the Universe rather then saving the world with godly powers.

Looking at this I wonder if I should try SAI. You’ve got a wonderful choice of colours, btw.

Actually, I’m beginning to rely more and more on Sai for my coloring.  I still primarily use Photoshop, but honestly I wish Photoshop could be more like Sai when it comes to shading.  It just ends up being so much smoother.  I also use SAI for all of my digital inking purposes.

SAI sucks hardcore when it comes to texturing, though.

Damn, that’s ridiculous, what is with people. Who are they bugging you about? I’m glad I haven’t gotten that sort of thing yet. On the other hand, I get all the shippers…

For me, 9.99 times out of ten it’s furries asking to be put in a romantic situation with one of my female anthro(ish) characters.  Then they either get bitchy with me or act all sad when I tell them no.

Even worse are the people who have no shame about sharing their fetishes with the world.  I’ve gotten some ah… ‘interesting’ requests to see my characters in different situations from those people, even though I make it pretty clear that I don’t draw fetishes or porn.  :/

I haven’t gotten any shippers… yet.  Thankfully.   I just never understood what was so damn special about the concept of ‘shipping’.